Frequently Asked Questions

What can you do that my doctor or other healthcare providers haven’t already?

Most conventional medicine doctors seek to provide a diagnosis and treat your symptoms. Sometimes treatment includes masking your symptoms with medications, and then additional medications are prescribed to offset the side effects from other medications. Also, conventional medicine doctors generally do not have the time to spend with you to understand the factors in your life that may have or be contributing to your symptoms and/or diagnosis to begin with.

Please understand that I believe conventional medicine is extremely valuable, especially when it comes to acute health problems. However, when it comes to chronic conditions or supporting people with successful nutritional and holistic therapies, most conventional medicine doctors are not the solution.

I want to be very clear that I should not be viewed as a replacement to your current doctors or healthcare providers but as a partner on your healthcare team.   Each of us are experts in our respective areas. Just as I would not be diagnosing you and prescribing medications like your doctor or adjusting you like your chiropractor, others on your team may not provide the expertise in nutrition, investigating the root causes to your health conditions and symptoms, and coaching you to achieve your health goals like I will.

In addition, I can provide guidance on how you can get the most out of your doctor visits and fully utilize all the healthcare system services that you are due. That means that if you have insurance, we take full advantage of everything your insurance covers such as additional testing that your other providers may not order which in many cases is because they are not aware or familiar with them.

I need someone that can relate to things I suffer from.  How are you able to do that?

Some of what I have dealt with may fit exactly to some of the things you suffer from. However, even if there are not exact matches, you will see from my health history that I know what it is like to have chronic health problems without relief for many years.

I’ve had a multitude of health issues over the course of my life and some with very debilitating symptoms. I had various health problems as a child and as I got older, they escalated. As a freshman in college, I was diagnosed with a life-threatening bone marrow failure autoimmune disease (Severe Aplastic Anemia- SAA). I was unable to produce blood and with apparent failed treatments, I was given 2 months to live. I did not accept that. For a while, I continued to get blood transfusions twice a week. I was determined to go back to work as well as continue my academic responsibilities. It took several months before I finally was able to produce enough of my own blood to sustain life.

A few years later, a ruptured appendix brought me on the brink of death and it took months for me to recover.

For nearly three decades, multiple diagnosis and debilitating conditions plagued my health. This includes additional autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto’s (hypothyroidism) and ITP, and others such as Hepatitis C, Diverticulitis, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS), Adrenal Insufficiency, and more.

Besides those health challenges, I also had critical issues with food sensitivities. I got to the point where I felt so terrible I “crashed” and was nearly bedridden.

I was able to connect with a nutritionist and a functional medicine doctor who thought “out of the conventional medicine box.” This was a big milestone and catalyst for lifestyle, dietary, and nutritional changes that set me on a path to recovery and sustainable wellness.

I give all the glory to God for my miraculous recovery. Today I remain diligent in managing my health. I continue to make adjustments in my nutritional intake and eat a nutrient-dense diet, am physically active, avoid stress, live a holistic lifestyle avoiding as many toxins as possible, and live a life of faith in Jesus that brings me joy no matter what I face.

Why don’t you take insurance?

Insurance companies have not yet caught up with healthcare outside conventional medicine. Though very successful, alternative and nutritional therapies are not considered a part of conventional medicine.

Alternative methods – from dietary changes to nutritional supplements to IV Chelation Therapy, to massage, to acupuncture, to colonics – are used in preventive care as well as the treatment of chronic and acute conditions, but they often are not covered by health insurance.

Also, the insurance industry has many regulations and requirements. Alternative therapies and functional medicine which includes nutritional therapy and wellness coaching, are not licensed practices governed by the health insurance industry. Without that oversight, they are not willing to acknowledge it and include it with what they will cover with insurance plans.

How are the 1-on-1 sessions structured?

In-person sessions are in a safe and comfortable environment and set up for privacy and confidentiality. For videoconferences or phone sessions, I strongly encourage clients to ensure they have a safe, comfortable, private place to be during the session.

Regarding structure, to avoid stifling openness and not going down a direction that could result in great promise or inhibiting revelation or transparency, there is not a strict protocol for each session. However, there are foundational elements that will be a part of all coaching programs and packages. We will review the goals you have in mind, actions you have agreed to take and your willingness to make changes and pace your are comfortable making them. We will review in detail your current health status and health history, all your adverse symptoms, your current dietary and lifestyle habits, and other factors that contribute to and influence health and wellness. Each person is unique and each plan will be personalized to the client’s goals and health status.

Why do I have to invest in an entire program or package rather than just purchase individual 1-on-1 coaching sessions with you?

For the most significant health transformations, it is well known that clients experience the best results when working in partnership with a coach on an ongoing basis. 

Clients with an autoimmune or other chronic condition are generally dealing with more complex root causes and multiple triggers and factors contributing to their symptoms and conditions. For a client in this circumstance, to make significant, long-term progress, it requires continual in depth discussions and effort, learning and education, time to make changes, assessing changes and making modifications, and time and effort into being empowered to make healthful choices on your own.

Making healthy changes required to realize your health goals and have sustained results includes:

  • Creating accountability by committing to regular follow-up visits
  • Committing to staying with the wellness process
  • Implementing healthy eating and lifestyle changes
  • Having a support system
  • Being realistic and patient; there are no quick fixes or magic pills; improving health can take time
  • Staying motivated and investing in your wellness goals
  • Remaining open to suggestions
  • Utilizing educational tools and continuing to learn
  • Being willing to participate in meaningful dialogue
  • Nourishing healthy habits
  • Being consistent and persistent, not perfect
What can I expect from the program/package I invest in for my health?

What you can expect from me:

  • Acting as a detective and investigating to get to the root causes of your symptoms and conditions so we can remove the factors contributing to the cycle of your adverse health problems.
  • Compiling and reviewing with you the steps for removing the factors and triggers that are causing your health problems and decline.
  • Formulating recommendations to repair any damage that already exists that continues to exacerbate your health problems and keep you in the relentless cycle of having adverse symptoms.
  • Besides providing suggestions and recommendations, I will also detail the ‘how’ to make the changes.
  • Educating you so you will understand the ‘whys’ behind my recommendations/suggestions, and provide insight so that you will be able to make healthy choices in the future on your own.
  • Guiding you to making changes to contribute to having optimal wellness and providing encouragement and support for you along the way.
  • Empowering you so you can be your best advocate for yourself when working with other healthcare providers.

What is expected of each client:

  • Honesty and transparency so you get the best results.
  • A willingness to make changes. Each person has a different pace when making changes. The most important thing is not how quickly you make changes but that you are willing to make them. If you want faster progress, it would make sense you would put in bigger effort. However, taking the actions to change is the client’s responsibility just as the client determines the change pace.
  • A willingness to be stretched and move outside your comfort zone. Remaining ‘as is’ and in your comfort zone will likely cause you to remain in your current health condition. However, this is not about overwhelming you and pressuring you to change. That is not healthy or sustainable for recovery and long-term wellness. All suggestions and their implications are discussed and it is the client’s decision as to the actions they take and speed at which they take them.
  • To have distraction free time set aside for each meeting.
  • A willingness to ask questions if you do not understand any suggestions or recommendations or why we are discussing a particular topic. You will have better, sustainable results if you understand the ‘why’s’ and ‘how’s’ behind topics and changes being discussed.
  • Review recommended readings and content (e.g., handouts, websites, books, etc.) to be more educated and informed. This will aid in helping you with changes you make, in relief of your adverse symptoms, in your recovery, and in achieving your health goals.
When I calculate the investment amount per session for each program, it seems a bit high?

If you calculate your investment amount for each session by the number of sessions that the program includes, it may appear high yet the program pricing is very competitive for this industry.  I spend many more hours outside the time of each session working on behalf of each client. Thus, the work that I do to partner with you through the program entails much more than just our direct 1-on-1 time in each session.  In addition, there are additional services and bonuses included in the programs and packages.