1-on-1 Personalized Services

Program Services include much more than 1-on-1 session time with me.

Each client is unique, with different goals and varying items to be addressed. I approach each client with that in mind  We will partner together to determine a personalized action plan to achieve your goals and overcome your health challenges. I spend a significant amount of time outside sessions working on activity that contributes to helping each client.

An FAQ is available for more information and to answer other questions you may have.

Let’s talk and see if us partnering together to achieve your health goals is a good fit.

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If you do not believe the package program below would be relevant for you, I will work with you on a customized program.  I am willing to work with you based on your individual needs.


3-Month Program = $897
(payment plan available)

Program May Include the Following:

  • 1-on-1 Sessions
    • 3 months of personal 1-on-1 sessions; Meet up to 4 times per month
    • Receive approximately 25 hours of personalized time
    • In-between session unlimited email support for encouragement, clarity, and being available for questions and concerns
    • Client receives an Action Planner update after every session that includes:  recap of session activity, goals and action items, educational material, and resources
  • Dietary Nutrition
    • Dietary Plan guidance provided based on your health goals
    • Educate you on and help you to navigate dietary changes
    • Provide resources & tools to make it easier for you to make dietary changes
    • Fantastic resources for recipes and meal plans
  • Supplemental Nutrition
    • Save Money! Discounts on pharmaceutical grade and other quality supplements
    • Improve Health! Help you choose supplements that do not include harmful “other” ingredients.
    • Save Money! Help you choose quality supplements so you don’t waste your money on junk
    • Educate you on nutritional deficiencies
  • Lifestyle Education & Support for Healthy Daily Living
    • Educate and help you transition from what is harmful and toxic to your body, mind, and soul to what is safer and healthier
    • Includes topics such as: Sleep; movement & exercise; social/relationships; stress; thought patterns & emotions; habits; safe and healthy personal care and household products use.
  • Education & Empowerment for Life Long Change
    • Provide: Education; Recommendations; How to make changes; and Resources & tools to make changes
    • Reminders, encouragement, and accountability to help you stay on target and reach your health goals
    • Email support throughout program
  • Patient Empowerment
    • How to partner with your healthcare providers to get better results and get from them all you pay for
    • How to find a quality practitioner
    • Resources to order discounted healthcare tests without a doctor including many specialty tests that conventional doctors do not order

Alternatives to the 3-Month Program

  • The 3-month program works well to avoid being locked into a long program. Most who I work with require at least a 3-month program. As you are going through the program and determine you would like to extend, you may extend your program in 6-week increments at a discounted rate.
  • If your circumstance does not warrant a full 3-month program, we can discuss alternatives.
  • For those who would just like a 60-minute conversation or two about some specific health and nutrition content, please refer to the A La Carte services available.
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