“I’d been stuck at a plateau for months with weight and performance in my riding.  In the few months we’ve worked together I’m in better health than I was when I was racing mountain bikes nearly 20 years ago. I’m completely convinced it’s because of my nutrition!!!”
Chris H., Georgia

“I have been working with a Clinical Nutritionist and a Functional Nutritionist, but I am still  overwhelmed. Kelly helps me with that.  She is patient, and a great encouragement to keep me going, more organized, and on task.  Kelly is a great addition to my healthcare team.  She understands what I have already been learning from the others on my team and helps me to understand it more and use the information so that I feel better.  Kelly is very genuine, approachable, and knowledgeable and she helps me understand my symptoms and address them.”
Jennifer ML,,  Canada

“Kelly has helped me and my family so much with our health and what we should do to be healthy and strong.  I tried on my own to figure out what to do but we were not able to achieve our health goals without Kelly.  When I initially spoke with Kelly, she was so passionate about helping us and quickly wrote a plan for us and what we needed to do to achieve our goals.  She has so much love for what she does and to help people.  My husband had to have surgery for his gallbladder to be removed and she so graciously sent a wellness plan to us before he even got home from the hospital.  This plan covered how to help him recovery quickly and optimally from surgery but also a nutrition plan going forward so he can live a healthy life without his health being compromised by not having a gallbladder. Not only is Kelly very wise in using her knowledge and experience about nutrition and wellness, she is also a Christ follower who loves others and is a woman of great integrity”
Jennifer D., Georgia

“I wanted Kelly’s help because I had so much fatigue, weakness, and low energy.  When I first met Kelly, I got the impression that she knew a lot about health and nutrition and could help guide me in the right direction.  I was amazed at how well and quickly Kelly was in responding to my questions or concerns.  Kelly is so personable and friendly, and it was so evident that she really cared about my wellbeing.  She even came to one of my doctor appointments with me.  Kelly is a world of knowledge and I’ve been able to recover tremendously through her help.  I no longer have stomach pain or acid reflux.  I’ve been able to wean down significantly from taking my medication and soon I will be off it completely.  I’ve had such a difficult time losing weight and with Kelly’s help, I lost a total of 25 pounds in 3 months and been able to keep it off.  I highly recommend Kelly to anyone who wants better health”   Monica A, Georgia

“I came to Kelly because I had bloating, weight loss resistance, and wanted to optimize my fitness for doing triathlons. I ended up losing weight (without even trying) to where I had to be careful not to lose more, my digestive issues resolved, and I have performed well with my fitness.  Kelly’s customer service was fantastic and she is so knowledgeable; I would definitely recommend her!  She was so patient in educating me and explaining things.  It was easy and convenient to communicate with her using video calls for our sessions, and she was very responsive in between sessions whenever I had questions or concerns.   I have had the best experience.  I am so glad I did this! “
Lane B., Georgia

“I’ve had chronic fatigue, loss of energy, and pain in growing amounts for several years with it all reducing my quality of life. After working with Kelly, I have more tools/information for regaining my health. I didn’t expect the extent of services I was provided.  I would highly recommend working with Kelly, as she has been very helpful.  She has personal experience with illness so her approach is very caring.  Kelly was very encouraging and responsive to help with any questions or concerns I had and to remind me of important helpful information.  I am very happy with the services I received from Kelly and my investment was well worth it.”   Judy, North Carolina

“Kelly has been a huge encouragement for me in health and wellness.  She has a wealth of knowledge and I have learned so much from her.  With various testing she recommended I have done, things were uncovered and I was able to make changes to avoid future illness. She encouraged me to make changes in my life with my diet and other areas and provided tools and information to help me.  After making changes, I lost 20 pounds in just 3 months without counting calories, have had great improvement in my cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and my energy levels are much better.  I feel I no longer have to worry about potential disease that was lurking right around the corner.  I highly recommend you talk with Kelly and let her show you how she can help you have better health or avoid problems.  Kelly is kind, considerate, a tremendous educator, and helps her clients to make changes at their individual pace.  I feel 20 years younger and only wish I had taken advantage of Kelly’s help years earlier. Thank you Kelly for being my coach and cheerleader on my personal health and wellness journey!”   Cathy, Georgia

“Kelly was such a good listener and she always wanted to make sure she answered all my questions. She provided a lot of educational content and resources and though there is a lot of information on the Internet, I knew that with Kelly, I received reliable information. Kelly not only provided me options, she helped me to navigate changes by showing me how and where to purchase things if I needed them.  Kelly exceeded my expectations and I would recommend her services. She is easy to work with and returns phone calls/emails (a lot of professionals don’t and that surprises me). She really knows her stuff and explains it in a way that makes sense and isn’t overwhelming.”  Roxanne H., Georgia