I was attacked and this can happen to you!

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I had no warning and none of us are immune to this kind of attack!


  1. How important is to be informed about stress responses and how impactful stress can be on our body.
  2. How essential it is to have a strong community and social support network.
  3. How the strength of our spiritual health and faith is so paramount.

I didn’t expect to be doing a video on this topic, but then again, I didn’t anticipate my husband being in an accident on March 8, 2020 that resulted in various injuries including a BROKEN NECK!  

Though this video shows me in a vulnerable and very “real” state, it’s about as authentic as you can get.  I am sharing this with you because I want to provide 3 key takeaways from my experience that I believe can help you.

It’s important to understand that regardless how you are “feeling,” a stress effect can sneak up on you in a BIG way and not just cause chronic problems over time, but can trigger a very real, and very scary acute physical reaction. 

This kind of reaction can happen to anyone and when you least expect it.

***I literally could not talk and could not breathe***

In the video, I take you through from when I heard the news of my hubby’s accident to hours after my physical attack. I also want to share that even though our faith in the Lord is very strong, we are blessed with an incredible support network, and I am expert in knowing how to take care of myself well… this still happened.  

None of us are immune to this kind of stress reaction.

SO….watch the video and see how impactful a stressor like emotional trauma can affect us.


  1. This experience opened my eyes even more about how stressors can trigger such an acute attack without even realizing anything is coming on. This is just an example of how emotional stress can cause strong more immediate physical reactions, but also shows that if it can happen in an acute attack like this, imagine how if not managing it, it can result in chronic problems. So, in this situation, the reality is that I have many “extras” at home to care to in addition to working (I’m self-employed so I don’t get paid sick or medical leave), I will be diligent at my own self-care so I can be there for my husband and not get down and out myself. With my history of chronic illness, I know the importance of taking care of myself.
  2. How important it is to be surrounded by a network of trustworthy, caring, and supportive people. We have great family (none local), we have amazing friends and community, and we also have a church family that is incredible. We are so, so blessed to be surrounded by amazing people that care so much and are willing to help.
  3. How essential our spiritual walk is and our trust in the Lord. This is so critical and helped us tremendously in having a positive mindset and healthy emotions through all of this. Jesus is truly our anchor. Not only has this impacted Robert’s health and resulted in great suffering, it has affected my physical health, and has resulted in great financial challenge. All that to say that without our trust in Jesus Christ, we would be in a much more significant world of hurt. We know He will provide for all our needs and He is our Healer and we stand firm in that.

Blessings ❣️

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