If you are reading this, congratulations as you have already made an investment in your health and wellness!!!

Here’s a little bit about me.

My quest for being healthy and living life with joy, whatever the challenge has evolved and steadily grown.

My faith has kept me strong and causes me to keep going no matter what.

My health problems started when I was a young child.  Then when I was 19, I was diagnosed with a life threatening autoimmune disease called severe aplastic anemia. It meant my bone marrow stopped producing blood. I was given 2 months to live.   Obviously, the doctors were proved wrong!

For many years I continued to have various health challenges. Although I had made some healthful changes to my diet, when looking back, most were not healthy after all and actually caused more harm.

I was diagnosed with several other autoimmune conditions, Hepatitis C (from blood transfusions), chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS), and hormone imbalance (Thyroid, Adrenals, other). A 2009 near fatal accident and 3 very invasive surgeries within a year only exacerbated my health issues.

I was not giving up!

As many of you have also experienced, I went to many different doctors to help me with my chronic conditions but to no avail. Many either didn’t know how to help or they just wanted to give me medications and advice to treat the symptoms.

I spent countless hours researching about my health problems and what holistic and alternative therapies could help. I then went to a nutritionist and was introduced to the concept of food sensitivities.  This is when I removed all gluten and dairy from my diet and had major breakthrough. Though this was a huge milestone in my recovery, it was not all I needed to do.  This was just the beginning of many dietary and lifestyle changes.

Of course, I had to do a lot of clean up work to undo the damage that had already been done to my body, especially my gut. I knew there was no magic pill to repair and recover from the damage and toxic overload.

I had an insatiable appetite (no pun intended) to understand more about the food we eat, our dietary and lifestyle habits, how our bodies process nutrients and what happens when we are deficient, what causes disease, and how to detox from the accumulation of toxins.  I realized our gut is 80% of our immune system.  When that is functioning well, so much else in our body including hormones, mental state and capacity, much disease, and more has a tremendous capability to be balanced and functioning the way it is supposed to.

After years of study and experience first hand, I began my journey to obtain formal health education and devour as much about health and wellness as I could.  I continue to do that as the more expertise I have, the better I can help my clients.

I’ve committed the rest of the my life’s work to my passion…helping others have relief and freedom from their suffering.  My great desire is to help you feel healthy, be active in what you enjoy, and have a sense of normalcy in your every day life.

I can help you and instill hope back for you where it has been lost.  You truly can experience a transformation – freedom from your relentless symptoms that keep you from the life you desire.  It’s happened with me and so many others I’ve worked with.  Your freedom can be next!  Review the programs I’ve developed with you in mind and see which one would be best for you.

God Bless You!

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