If you read My Story, you probably already have a good idea about my philosophy. I don’t give up and I strive to see an opportunity in all challenges.

Food can be medicine. What I mean by “can” is that even if we eat perfectly, if our digestive system is not functioning properly and our gut is in a state of ill health, we will not absorb the energy and nutrients from that nutrition as our bodies were created to. In addition, other functions break down and it is then a downward spiral from there.

There isn’t any one perfect diet for everyone.  There are foundational elements to what we consume that apply to everyone, but we must respect bio-individuality; there is not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach.  For most, depending on factors such as health status and life stage,  dietary plan modifications are necessary during various times in our life. 

As a baseline, I advocate a whole food nutrient-rich dietary plan, and that everyone should avoid unhealthy processed foods, refined carbohydrates, and sugar. For those suffering from certain conditions, gluten and dairy can wreak havoc. Some have to temporarily eliminate even healthy foods because of food sensitivities though many of these can be reintroduced successfully after having a healthy functioning gut.

Some may even be aware that specific dietary plans may help their symptoms or overcome gut problems.  Maybe these sounds familiar:  Low FODMAP,  SCD (Specific Carbohydrate Diet), GAPS (Gut and Psychology Syndrome Diet), low histamine, and more.  However, wading through the enormous content available and debates of so many, it is nearly impossible to determine what to do and then to actually do it.  Whether you are vegan, a raw foodist, eat primarily Paleo, have a Mediterranean diet,  follow high fat/low carb practices or the Ketogenic diet, or somewhere in between or around, each of those dietary habits may work for some and not for others. I am familiar with them all and can help you understand the plethora of information that is available, and guide you so you can do what is best for your situation.

As essential as healthy nutrition habits are to our health, there are many factors that influence our wellness.  Toxins, irritants, and stress to our body are not all in the form of food and things we ingest. Other factors such as stress, sleep, things we put on our skin, activity and fitness, environmental exposures, negative emotions, pessimistic mindsets, etc. also play a significant role in our gut and thyroid health, and those too have to be dealt with.

Wellness Wheel


 Although some may have the same symptoms, adverse reactions, and/or unhealthy conditions, the root causes may be different. Conventional/Allopathic Medicine is known for doing a great job at acute care, diagnosis, and treating symptoms. It does not, however, do a good job at promoting preventative factors to avoid health problems nor seeking to understand root causes when someone is already diagnosed or even just complaining of ongoing, relentless problems. Masking the problem by managing symptoms with medications or even natural care is not the solution.

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Symptoms stink but they are not the problem, they are the manifestation of underlying problems – all rooted in dysfunction. A diagnosis or symptoms are often a downstream result of an upstream (underlying cause/root) imbalance. We don’t want to just suppress the symptoms.

To have relief from your suffering, you must uncover and address the root cause(s). It is no different when someone cuts weeds down along with the grass when mowing the lawn and wonder why the weeds keep growing back. You must pull the roots out in order to keep the weeds from growing back. It is a similar concept with us. We must deal with the underlying factors that are at the root of the symptoms.  

Freedom from relentless symptoms is possible!

You can feel healthy, be active in what they enjoy, and have a sense of normalcy in your every day life.

 Do you want to?

  • Have more energy!
  • Have freedom from relentless pain!
  • Get rid of bloating and gas!
  • Put your Belly Pain and Heartburn in the past!
  • Help you go or not go so much (uncertain “going to the bathroom” problems can really wreak havoc)!
  • Do what it takes to support your body so your IBS and other GI/Digestive problems are a thing of the past!
  • Have balanced hormones!
  • Reduce anxious feelings and irritability!
  • Have more restful sleep!
  • Help you concentrate and remember better!
  • Rid yourself of embarrassing and uncomfortable skin problems!
  • Improve your ability to manage stress!
  • Help you achieve and maintain your ideal weight!
  • Get rid of food sensitivities!
  • Improve your confidence and feel great in your body!
  • Your body functions the way it was created to so you no longer need medications!

I can help you uncover what is compromising your health.  Having relief and freedom is an outcome of being faithful and diligent at uncovering the triggering factors and addressing them.


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You are worth it for me to provide you a hands-on, personalized approach as we work together to implement an individualized nutrition plan, healthy lifestyle habits, identification of nutrient deficiencies, and a process for optimizing digestive function and gut health.

I am not a substitute for your doctor or other healthcare providers; more so another partner on your team. I can help you have better relationships with your healthcare providers and teach you how to be a better advocate for yourself and get the most out of their expertise.

Your health does not have to be an obstacle to you feeling healthy, being active in what You enjoy, and having a sense of normalcy in your every day life.


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God Bless You!